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A Spiritual Method Far More Powerful Then Meditation talk by Sra Heather Giamboi

Relax, heal your spirit, and listen as portions of this video may resemble guided imagery if we picture the images described which show us different levels of heaven far beyond the physical and astral planes where meditation can take us. In this amazing video Sra Heather Giamboi who is a VARDAN Master in the path of VARDANKAR shares how to go far beyond meditation by utilizing our natural ability for out of body Tuza ( Soul ) Travel to the spiritual planes of God that make awareness of heaven clear like glass. Go light years beyond activating your chakras and activate your true God self, your eternal self known as Soul to the states of Self Realization and God Realization.

Experience SEEING, KNOWING and BEING in the Pure Positive God worlds above M.E.S.T. (matter, energy, space and time) And gain access to the qualities of your true self Soul which are Love, Wisdom, Power and Freedom. Learn and experience the difference between the lower worlds of duality where there can be no love without hate, no mountains without valleys and the pure positive God worlds of Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence which are Soul’s true home. If you have been struggling to find Self awareness and God through meditation perhaps it’s time to look to the powerful spiritual exercises and methods discussed in this video.
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