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HURAY Galactica Chapter 18

Listen to full chapters from the book: The HURAY Galactica chronicling the Amazing journeys of two individuals, a husband and wife, who dare to venture into the many levels of heaven, past the astral worlds and even past matter, energy, space and time and into the vast regions of the Pure Positive God worlds into the Anami Lok and beyond into the very heart of God or HURAY the “Ocean of Love and Mercy”.

Find out how to reach Self and God Realization in this life and get a bird’s eye view of what the heavens are really like in comparison to one another. Find out how to ride the spiritual Light and Sound of God into these worlds freely with the aide of the Spiritual Travelers known as VARDAN Masters. Find out who you truly are as Soul, an eternal drop from the God Head ITSELF imbued with SEEING, KNOWING and BEING!
Meet the Spiritual Travelers who can take you to the many levels of Heaven and even back to the God Head ITSELF. Have your own out of body adventures in order to gain Love, Wisdom, Power, Freedom and Total Awareness and then come back safely into this world again and again!

Sri Allen Feldman who is the Margatma, The Living VARDAN Master and an Author and Speaker and his wife Sra Heather Giamboi who is also a VARDAN Master and Author share their incredible journey into and far beyond the lower heavens. They share experiences in those little known, practically secret regions called the Pure Positive God Worlds, and then into the very heart of HURAY (God) ITSELF. It is a breathtaking out-of-body adventure to ecstatic states of consciousness in returning to HURAY
( God ) Learn how you can too!
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