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The Purification of Soul talk by Sri Allen Feldman

Some Soul’s are ancient Soul’s who long to return to their true Source the God Head in the Ocean of Love and Mercy. It is far beyond matter, energy, time and space where Soul exists as a pure drop of conscious awareness and lives eternally in SEEING, KNOWING and BEING! While many may not realize outwardly that they are longing to return to the God Head they are drawn like a moth to a flame. This talk is mostly to those who have an unsettling feeling that they are not home and that truth has been hidden from them until now! Sri Allen Feldman gives this amazing talk on how to transcend these lower worlds and find true spiritual freedom in this lifetime through Out of Body Tuza (Soul) Travel.

He talks about the painful process of purification and how to break free from the lower worlds where the negative power traps Soul’s in countless incarnations on Earth and other lower worlds. This talk will shock and surprised many as they learn that the heavens of the orthodox thinkers and religionists are little more then pleasant traps and not the true pure positive God worlds of Heaven where dwells God or HURAY. Allenji does not ask anyone to take his word for things but only asks that they consider having their own spiritual experiences and realizations through the spiritual methods and exercises of VARDANKAR the Ancient Science of Out of Body Tuza (Soul) Travel.
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