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Near Death Like Experience - In The God Realm talk by Sra Heather Giamboi

Millions are fascinated with stunning and colorful descriptions of Near Death Experiences (NDE)’s! In this amazing talk we discover we can have our own Out Of Body experiences far beyond the Astral, on a daily basis without the need for any danger or emergency whatsoever. We can even go beyond the near death experiences described in most books into what can be described as the Pure Positive God worlds beyond matter, energy, space and time and enter into Self and God Realization in this lifetime! We can visit these worlds of pure SEEING, KNOWING and BEING at will through simple spiritual exercises and the Love, Wisdom, Power, Freedom and guidance of VARDAN Masters (the word VARDAN meaning “Spirit”).
Sra Heather Giamboi is an Author, Speaker and VARDAN Master on the path of VARDANKAR who shares some of her own profound near death like experiences in the little known and practically secret Pure Positive Worlds of God far above matter, energy, space, time, emotions and mind. Heatherji also explains little known understandings of countless levels of heaven beyond the Astral and Causal zones touted by most Gurus, Metaphysicians and Teachers as places of “ultimate awareness.”

This talk acts as a bridge and road map so you can gain step by step, deeper insights into the meaning of your life and how to find truth from your own personal experiences in these exalted states of awareness.
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