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The No-Thing Universes, Total Freedom, Total Awareness talk by Sri Allen Feldman

The individual soul is a radiant particle of divine spirit which identifies with its mind, emotions, body, beliefs, opinions and experiences. When we do this we start to believe that we are these things or that we are a thing. This state keeps the individual trapped in what are called the lower worlds (lower heavens) of reincarnation where (M.E.S.T.) matter, energy, space and time traps Soul which is our true and eternal God self. Sri Allen Feldman who is the Margatma, the Living VARDAN Master and an Author and Speaker, shares insights into little known truths about heaven, Self Realization, God Realization and the nature of Soul and of God ITSELF. Soul is not absorbed into God to become nothing like some paths claim but Soul always retains its individuality throughout all of eternity. Soul is destined to become a conscious coworker with God. However Soul being identical with Spirit Soul finds IT is not a thing but a unit of awareness or a particle of God or drop from the Ocean of Love and Mercy or the body of God. Soul being eternal IT of ITSELF exits beyond boundaries other than those boundaries and limitations that Soul agrees to. The bottom line is we can expand our conscious awareness and become Self and God Realized in this lifetime no matter who we think we are or what we have done in the past and present. We can become spiritually free if we will but recognize our spiritual birthright and begin practicing the Spiritual Exercises of VARDANKAR.
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