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Out of Body Travel Methods and Benefits by Sri Allen Feldman

Discover the secrets of out-of-body Tuza (Soul) Travel to little known, breathtaking levels of heaven far above the Astral and mental worlds.

Sri Allen Feldman who is the Margatma, the Living VARDAN Master and an Author and Speaker, explores the methods of advanced Spiritual Travelers (VARDAN Masters). He explores how you can experience higher levels of heaven and consciousness here and now while still living in this body through VARDANKAR the Ancient Science of Out-of-Body Tuza Travel. He also provides a road map of what to expect and shows how to safely transverse these amazing worlds into the pure positive God worlds far above the physical and astral worlds and far beyond matter, energy, space and time.

These are the pure worlds of SEEING, KNOWING and BEING where Soul gains self and God Realization and becomes Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent.
Soul no longer uses its lower bodies such as the physical, astral, casual, mental and etheric bodies but knows all things through direct perception. Then when we return to this world we have conscious recall of these high, high worlds and learn to have our feet on earth and our consciousness in the heavenly realm. Thus we become eventually a God Realized being after making the journey into the very heart of God and coming back to serve as fully conscious coworkers with HURAY. (God)
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