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How Belief and Imagination Effects Your Spiritual Life talk by Sri Allen Feldman

Break free from identification with the human body, emotions and mind and find a whole new world of Love, Wisdom, Power and Freedom! Our true self Soul is a pure unit of awareness, a conscious spark or drop of the Ocean of Love and Mercy (God). The individual as a creative spark of HURAY (God) can use the creative imagination to spring board into the pure positive worlds of God to reach higher states of consciousness which are far beyond the worlds of time, space and reincarnation. Sri Allen Feldman who is the Margatma, the Living VARDAN Master shares how to transcend these lower world traps and limitations of belief and imagination to instead reach far beyond where meditation can take us to the pure positive God worlds, worlds of spiritual freedom beyond our wildest dreams. Learn to use your imagination and belief to find truth, Self Realization, God Realization and transcend Karma, Reincarnation and spiritual slavery to the lower worlds of matter, energy, time and space while still living in your body. Become a conscious coworker of God and a free agent of God or even a true Spiritual Traveler!

This talk gives keys to Self and God realization in your present lifetime and the ability to become the captain of your own spiritual destiny.