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7 years ago|357 views

What Prevents One From Leaving Their Body talk by Sri Allen Feldman

This amazing talk goes far beyond Astral projection into out of body Tuza (Soul) Travel. When learning out of body travel to different spiritual planes (heavens) we sometimes have set backs along the way returning to God. Sri Allen Feldman who is the Margatma, the Living VARDAN Master gives fascinating insights into what prevents one from leaving their body and how to overcome it.

Many are afraid or hold on to ego, cherished opinions, beliefs or dogma, but in this talk we learn the secrets to setting ourselves free to find Self and God Realization in this lifetime and becoming conscious Coworkers with God or HURAY. It is much like setting sail for new adventures on the cosmic sea of life and once our heart is set on journeying back to God within this lifetime nothing can prevent our return to God but our own self.
This talk literally contains the golden keys to spiritual freedom no matter what your past or present circumstances. We learn we are Soul our eternal God self and not the little self and can learn to leave our body’s at will if we will but desire and will it.