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7 years ago|578 views

Active Out of Body Tuza Travel vs Passive Meditation talk by Sri Allen Feldman

Discover why most if not all fail to find truth even after years of Meditation and learn the simple spiritual exercises and methods that do work.

Sri Allen Feldman who is the Living VARDAN Master of our times explains clearly why Out of Body Tuza Travel is the only way of finding truth, Self Realization and God Realization within this lifetime because it allows Soul our true self to explore the endless lower and higher worlds of God.

Meditation, Kundalini exercises and even so called guided meditation are traps that keep us from getting past the worlds of ( M.E.S.T.) matter, energy, space and time and into the Pure Positive God Worlds where we know all things through direct perception, live in pure SEEING, KNOWING and BEING and are spiritually free. This talk explodes the many myths about spirituality and the power of meditation and sets an about face for anyone who is serious about finding Total Awareness in this lifetime.
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