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Patience In Reaching Self and God Realization talk by Sri Allen Feldman

Learn how to go beyond the passivity of meditation, waiting with no goal and drifting waiting for something to come to you and explore the importance of being active and selecting a destination (like the pure God Worlds) heavens beyond energy, matter, time and space. You become the captain of your ship and can sail to exalted spiritual states like Self Realization and God Realization in the Ocean of Love and Mercy. We are often discouraged to believe this is possible but Sri Allen Feldman, The Margatma, the Living VARDAN Master shows us how.

He speaks of the methods of the Spiritual Travelers and the paradox of being active in pursuing truth, Self Realization and God Realization and also developing patience when your progress appears to have slowed down or stopped all together. Allenji lays out a plan of how to carry on in the face of obstacles and make the best of things when progress is rapid. We learn detachment but we also learn to be bold and adventurous. We learn to flow with the will of spirit or the VARDAN and we come to terms that our true and eternal God self Soul is the VARDAN of ITSELF, and we can travel on the Audible Life Stream to any of the God worlds we chose once we have mastered VARDANKAR the ancient science of out of body Tuza Travel.