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Star Wars Jedi Masters Versus Real VARDAN Masters by Sra Heather Giamboi

Things in the world of imagination and Science Fiction are sometimes unknowingly based on reality. In this case the almost secret reality is far more exciting than the movie! Sra Heather Giamboi who is a VARDAN Master in the path of VARDANKAR shares parallels between Star Wars Jedi Masters and REAL VARDAN Masters. In a similar way VARDAN Masters apprentice spiritual students to learn out of body Tuza Travel to return to HURAY (God) ITSELF to become a conscious coworker with IT. Here we can learn to go spiritually light years beyond where we have gone before.

All over the world there are individuals who practice the Jedi Religion. We feel this is due to the fact that many sense that there is something real to the film but hidden. Their intuition or knowingness is correct. We find that the VARDAN Masters like the fabled Jedi Masters have miraculous powers to appear and aid there students. However the VARDAN Masters teach their students to develop miraculous powers to leave there body’s at will and travel into the various God Worlds including the physical, astral plane, casual plane (plane of memory) mental plane, and etheric plane. However the VARDAN Masters will go further than others in helping their students reach beyond these lower worlds of M.E.S.T. ( matter, energy, space and time) and transcend them into the pure positive God Worlds and eventually to the indescribable Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells the God of all God’s the HURAY that is beyond description but can only be experienced.
It’s an adventure beyond anything in the movies and it’s an adventure for those few who are truly bold, adventurous, daring and resourceful and who desire truth above all else and have no fear of leaving behind there preconceived notions of what reality really is!
Watch this video and find out if you have what it takes to make a future VARDAN Master. Or perhaps see if you desire to follow one as a sincere student of truth and a fellow spiritual adventurer.
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