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7 years ago|1.1K views

Reincarnation: a talk by Sra Heather Giamboi

Even among notable psychics most have only begun to scratch the surface of seeing the underlying purpose of Reincarnation and why the individual continues to uncontrollably reincarnate on Earth and other worlds. Sra Heather Giamboi who is a VARDAN Master in the path of VARDANKAR as well as an Author shares how to break free from these endless cycles of imprisonment in the lower worlds of reincarnation. Heatherji takes what is ordinarily a heavy subject matter and turns it into an uplifting talk. She offers hope to those who are tired of lifetime after lifetime and are ready to graduate and move on to Self and God Realization in this lifetime but perhaps have no solid idea of how to proceed. Heatherji offers more then hope but proven methods and understanding that spiritual liberation not only can be achieved but is being achieved by those who desire truth more than Dogma,cherished beliefs and opinions.