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Higher Heaven Levels Far Beyond Astral Projection talk by Sra Heather Giamboi

Astral projection or travel has gotten a lot of attention and press, but most don’t realize that out of body Tuza (Soul) Travel can not only move beyond the Astral plane but into the very heart of God ITSELF known among the Spiritual Travelers as the Ocean of Love and Mercy where dwells the mighty HURAY or God. In this fascinating talk Sra Heather Giamboi who is a VARDAN Master and Author, explores the many planes beyond the Astral worlds and how to safely venture into them at will. She aptly explains the difference between the lower worlds which are the worlds of duality, matter, energy, space and time and the true higher God worlds of Heaven that lay well beyond the mind and emotions of man and are experienced as SEEING, KNOWING, and BEING. Here we experience ourselves as pure Soul striped of all the lower bodies such as the physical body, astral body, causal body and mental body and we have access to all Love, Wisdom, Power and Freedom through the great Sound current also known as the VARDAN or holy spirit that sustains all life and contains All. We can learn to ride this Sound into any and all the various worlds or heavenly realms in this lifetime under the instructions of a Spiritual Traveler.
Learn not only what to expect in ALL the worlds or heavens but how to venture into them through Out of Body Tuza Travel as Heatherji explores this fascinating topic of moving beyond the astral worlds and astral projection into the ecstatic states of Self and God Realization in this lifetime.