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7 years ago

Bench Press Plyo Push Ab Reach

Bryan Lockley
Hello athletes and friends

This is a triset you can use to put on mass in the anterior portion or front of the body.

For the bench press do a couple of warm up sets 12, 10 reps with 40-50% of your 1 rep max

These sets don't count towards your total. Then load your bar at 60-85% or 1rpm 10,9,8,6,5, 10 reps but we're gonna include the Plyo push ups at the 8 rep mark through 5 reps, 5-8 reps for those within 30 sec of completing the bench cycle. You load the bar at the starting weight or at an additional 3-7% more and knock out the 10 reps for speed on the bench and see how much easier it is to get the 10 rep weight up.

Include the Bosu ball/bench ab press reach/ over the center chest.