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5 years ago

Bryan Lockley- Medicine Ball Slam

Bryan Lockley
MB slams emphasize anaerobic endurance, hip extension, vertical displacement, and repeat power with good form.
For this set since I was in a prep phase I only rested 30 seconds between reps.

3x10 sets and reps

It should take you about 10 seconds complete this drill so your anaerobic pathways should be trained more than your glycolytic ones. Since it's a velocity based drill with light weight your recovery should be challenged, but not to a point where you need a longer break, since we're building up stamina and repeatability during this phase. Good luck!

Based out of Port Orange, Florida, Bryan Lockley holds a number of certifications from training organizations around the country. He is also a Health and Fitness Specialist at the Downtown Athletic Club. Bryan conducts fitness assessments, develops exercise prescriptions, and provides training and support to anyone who is truly willing to change their lives for the better.