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10 years ago

10. The Proxy - Finale

The Proxy season finale is here! [Certified by the BBFC as PG]


The Proxy is a new 10 part sci-fi/thriller featuring YouTube star Stuart Ashen!

Watch all 10, follow the clues, enter the codes and win prizes with Alienware (including a fighter jet experience and 3 night luxury stay in Paris, Alienware X51 systems and 100 other Alienware accessories)

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The Proxy Episode 10: Finale

Sarah has a face off with proxies whilst Tom Bishop hunts down Peter Baker and Stuart Ashen tries to find a way to shut down the proxies. Sarah uses her many super powers to take on the proxies but eventually her steam runs out.

Tom Bishop storms into Peter Baker's office, but is held at gunpoint straight away. In this standoff Peter asks where Christine is, to which Tom replies "She's safe". Peter then pleads "I need to get to her before he does; To protect her."

Stuart manages to hack into Peter Baker's computer and obtain access to the full network of proxies, and shut them down one by one. Not only does Ashens succeed there, but he also gets to Peter Baker's office and knocks him down with an epic charge, rescuing Tom. Stuart Ashen saves the day once again. Stuart and Tom the flee to get out of the bad guys' lair before it's too late.

Peter Baker does manage to escape but is confronted by his mysterious superior who stands tall in it's own shadow. Peter tries to reassure that the situation is 'under control' but refuses to say anything more about Sarah. The mysterious bad guy holds up his weapon and fires disintegrating Peter into a fiery skeleton

Sarah finds the medical room where Christine Baker has been kept all along. She gradually removes the bandages covering Christine's face, and upon confirming that it is indeed her, Sarah leans over and glows with energy.