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10 years ago

04. The Proxy - Hidden Powers Exposed

Episode 4 of new 10 part sci-fi/thriller: The Proxy.

Certified by the BBFC as PG

New episode every day until 17.03.12

Watch all 10, follow the clues, enter the codes and win prizes with Alienware (including a fighter jet experience and 3 night luxury stay in Paris, Alienware X51 systems and 100 other Alienware accessories)

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With Stuart, Tom and Sarah now on the run from the mysterious men the gang decide to go to Peter Baker’s warehouse, rather than to the police in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind the USB As the trio approaches the warehouse, and image flashes into Sarah’s head, a man walking into a doorway, they proceed into the warehouse
Once inside the gang overhears Peter Baker talking on the phone, the conversation ends and Peter hears a noise outside his door. He activates his CCTV system and sees Sarah, Tom and Stuart outside his door and summons his thugs to apprehend them
At this point the gang realizes that the man they thought was dead is still alive and well and pointing a gun at them.
Sarah get cornered by the 2 thugs, as they close in Sarah disappears. Confused the thugs back away to search for Tom and Stuart. Sarah mysteriously reappears; Tom and Stuart also come out from their hiding spot only for a third thug to jump out and attacks Tom. He manages to pass the USB to Ashen who runs off down the corridor followed by Sarah. The thug pulls out his gun and shoots a fire burst at her, hitting her in the back. CCTV footage show Sarah staggering away, obviously hurt.

How does Peter know Sarah? How was the mysterious man resurrected? What will happen to Sarah, Ashen & Tom? Come back tomorrow for episode 5 of The Proxy.

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