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10 years ago

02. The Proxy - The Chase

he Proxy continues with Ashen running from his flat with the USB stick still in his possession and is chased by one of the mysterious men that broke into his flat.

Tom Bishop, Ashen’s neighbor, then turns up at Ashen’s flat to collect his parcel and is greeted by one of the mysterious men, who he mistakes for Stuart Ashen, only for the man to pull a gun on him. Tom runs from the house, down the street and into an alley being chased by the mysterious man.

A fight ensues between Tom and this mystery assailant, with Tom on the losing end. As the fight reaches its conclusion the mysterious man pulls a gun on Tom, but just as he is about to fire Ashen springs from the shadows, launching himself into the mystery man and knowing him to the ground. Unfazed by this the mystery man bounces back only to receive a double punch form the Stuart and Tom.

The mystery man starts making a strange noise and disintegrates emitting a strange white/blue light. This stuns both Stuart and Tom who stumble to the ground. Who are these mysterious men? Why did he disintegrate? What will happen next? Find out tomorrow when The Proxy continues.

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