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12 years ago

360: clockwise around Europe

Sonja van Kerkhoff
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The theme of a 'compass-clock' is a way of viewing our experiences with diverse European cultures. The video starts at zero for us, the Netherlands our home for the past 20 years, then turning clockwise, shots of our family flash by against various modes of documentation to create a dance between personal and public record.
Music: a remix by friends Sandy Hoover (
with credit to Los de Abjo) + Kath Tait ( )

The footage selected from the EU archive contrasts diverse aspects of European life-worlds: cities, institutions, projects supported by the ESF, as well as historical events, with stills of our family in places such as the Hague Peace Palace, Legoland in Denmark, Oulu + Helsinki in winter, Baltic towns, Polish + Czech mountains, German streets, Italian + Spanish coasts, Luxemburg, Belgian, French + Irish views, + ancient Scottish stones.

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