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Alternative Pixie To Elegant Glam - What Will My BF Think? | TRANSFORMED

Barcroft TV
Barcroft TV
BENITA Lilley is an alternative model and content creator who loves expressing her creativity through 'goblincore' makeup and outfits. The 38-year-old from Leicestershire, UK, had worked as a special needs teacher for over a decade until last year when she was forced to leave the job she loved and stay at home due to suffering from severe arthritis. While staying at home and receiving treatment, Benita began to experiment with makeup and soon built a following online for her unique, fairy-like looks. She told Truly: "If people are gonna look at me, then I might as well give them something to look at." Having battled anorexia in the past, Benita has always favoured baggy clothes and admits that she still struggles with her body image. But she is stepping out of her comfort zone and trying on an 'elegant glam' look for the first time. Benita said: "If I end up wearing something that shows my body more, that might be tough. It might be a shock and a challenge - but that's what we are here for, right?" Benita will reveal the transformation to her partner, John, who has supported Benita through her illness. Will John prefer Benita in a figure-hugging evening dress?