16 Flowers

  • 3 years ago
16 Flowers. Written by Kurt McDonald and John Reneaud. Produced by McDonald/Reneaud. Engineered/mixed by Julien Reneaud. Song performed by The Electric Shamans : Kurt McDonald, guitar, Dominic Martinez, bass guitar, Andrew Orozco, drums, John Reneaud, vocals, w/ guest Jesse Goddard back up vocals.

Video credits: Julien Reneaud as the Man, Michelle E. O'Shea as the Woman, The Electric Shamans, The Band.

Digital imagery by John Reneaud and Laurence Moore

Also Note: this song is included on the Dresden Cowboy album titled Detroit Strange which includes songs by THE ELECTRIC SHAMANS, The Dresden Cowboy, along with the Pluto Radio Band Project.

16 Flowers © McDonald/Reneaud. Video by theCEF.world . All rights reserved. The official site can be found at theCEF.world, and/or dresdencowboy.com and/or TheElectricShamans.com