Route 66

  • 4 years ago
The classic American song written by Bobby Troup. Music by Michael Madill (Madsound) and Edward Donnelly (WayOutSound). Vocals performed by John Reneaud and Stephanie Barone. Video was shot and produced by John and Julien Reneaud. Some of the clips were indicated as public domain via the Internet Archive, however, most of this video was shot on the remains of old Route 66. Additional lyrics written by John Reneaud.

Guest appearances credited in this video:
Outlaw Willie
Jack the Burro
Iron Hog Dude
Red Ford Mustang

Some of the video used was pulled from the Internet Archive and was indicated to be in the Public Domain. I make no claim to the publishing rights to this song. (I did however write new lyrics which consist of the second verse). I have no intention to commercially profit by presenting Mr Troup's music in this manner. Enjoy.

Also Note: this song is included on the Dresden Cowboy album titled Ain't No Angel and can be purchased @ Apple Music