New Way to Cry

  • 4 years ago
New Way to Cry was written by Jason Peirce. The music was produced by the team of Michael Madill (Madsound) and Edward Donnelly (WayOutSound). Vocals performed by John Reneaud.

This song is included on the Dresden Cowboy album titled Ain't No Angel and can be purchased @ Apple Music Permission via Jason Peirce.

The Blue Eyed Devil - performed by Jodi Reneaud
The Drunken Singing Cowboy - performed by John Reneaud

My wife Jodi was kind enough to participate as the character of what we decided to call "the Blue Eyed Devil". She put up with curlers, bad makeup, public humiliation, and, well... a drunk cowboy singing on her couch,

Video Produced by John Reneaud

Video shot by
Ken Fischman
Julien Reneaud
John Reneaud

Oh, the Bulleit Rye just happens to be my current favorite whiskey... No money received from the company. No paid endorsement involved in this video.

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