• 4 years ago
Bliss. Written by John Reneaud. Produced by John and Julien Reneaud. Guitar by Moan Red. Bass by Dominic Martinez. Drums by Andrew Orozco. Keyboards and vocals by John Reneaud.

Video credits: John DiFusco as the Shaman, George Nudson as Ths Shaman's Companion, Dodger Dawg as himself, Matt Ermino as Man Pushing Swing, Madi Ermino as Happy Girl on Swing, Julien Reneaud as The Young Shaman. Directed by John Reneaud and John DiFusco. Production assistance by Lupe Marie DiFusco.

Chapel scene location provided by Tios Tacos in Riverside, California.

Additional video via the Video Hive, along with the Internet Archive.

Also Note: this song is included on the Dresden Cowboy album titled Detroit Strange which includes songs by THE ELECTRIC SHAMANS, The Dresden Cowboy, along with the Pluto Radio Band Project.

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