• 4 years ago
This is one of the first songs I recorded back in my Detroit rock 'n roll days. Originally Brian Kennedy, David Schultz, Eric Norton, and Roger Allen performed the song with me both in the studio and live. It was a savage rock' n roll thing that got us a booking an a bar on the west side called the Ranch, were we headlined several times, as well as opened for the Motor City Mutants. I this rendition, Cody Melville plays both guitar tracks, I took care of the keyboards and drums. My son and I have produced the song. Bernadine is the third song in my upcoming Album titled Detroit Strange. Enjoy!::(John

Bernadine written and performed
by John Reneaud with
Cody Melville on guitar

Music produced by John and Julien Reneaud

This song is featured in The Dresden Cowboy
album titled: Detroit Strange

Digital photography by
John and Julien Reneaud
with additional footage by
Thess Reneaud, Jodi Reneaud,
and, Justin Vasquez.

Also Note: this song is included on the Dresden Cowboy album titled Detroit Strange which includes songs by THE ELECTRIC SHAMANS, The Dresden Cowboy, along with the Pluto Radio Band Project.

Music and Video by the CEF
All rights reserved