Types Of Surveys To Improve Your Event Planning | YAppSurvey Feature | Yapsody

  • 4 years ago
Questionnaires and surveys are a great medium to garner actionable event insights that can improve your event planning game. As an event organizer, you always need to keep your eyes and ears peeled to gauge what your attendees want. It might not always be in your means to adhere to their demands but improving your event offerings through their feedback makes you stand out. Luckily for you, we have just the tool to give them the opportunity to share their thoughts.

With YAppSurvey, you can create multiple logic-based surveys for your event attendees. However, when it actually comes to answering questionnaires and surveys, many event attendees would skip it. Through YAppSurvey, you have the option of making it mandatory wherein your ticket buyers can checkout with tickets only after they’ve submitted answers to your survey. Learn more about making questions mandatory while creating YAppSurvey.

Now that you know how to gather survey data without missing a beat, here are 3 types of surveys that will improve your event planning.

1. Binary Surveys
Think up of simple YES or NO style of questions that don’t take up much of their time. They’re here for your event and not for questioning. Questions like “Are you satisfied with the ticket booking experience?” or “Is this the first music concert you’ve attended?” should help you warm them for your other set of questions that will follow.

2. Quantitative Surveys
These kinds of surveys have a high success rate as you’re setting up a quantitative benchmark for them. “How would you rate our event dining service?” or “How did you hear about this event” should do the trick. The answers to these questions are usually mapped into 0-10 or multiple choices to gather honest opinions. These questions should help you understand the channels which are getting you leads and the services that are hit or miss at the event.

3. Qualitative Surveys
Surveys which will get you a wide spectrum of responses and tailor your event offering even better. “Do you have any special needs that we should be aware of” or “What’s your favorite cocktail?” does the trick in making the survey more personal yet fun. These surveys give you a chance to go above and beyond for your event attendees in making their experience stellar.

We hope you try out these surveys and prepare a dynamic range of questions that will appeal to guests in sharing their honest feedback. Also, deep-dive into Best Practices for Post-Event Follow-Ups that will further improve your event planning.