Questions You Should Ask Your Event Attendees During The COVID-Era

  • 4 years ago
With businesses being brought to a standstill, event organizers, sponsors, and event attendees are in a cloud of uncertainty as to what comes next? However, with medical personnel doing their best and government regulations finally being eased off progressively, the hospitality and entertainment industry sees a ray of hope.

If you’re one of those who can’t wait to get back on your feet, here are few survey questions that you can start off with to plan your events better in this new normal. Our event ticketing platform comes with a Surveys & Questionnaires feature to help you get the desired insights for planning better.

Here are Questions You Should Ask Your Event Attendees During The COVID Era
1. How likely are you to attend an indoor or outdoor event?
Start off slow and easy with a two-part question that helps you understand their current frame of mind. You should cover parameters that reflect the likelihood of them wanting to attend an indoor or outdoor event at a range of 0-10, 0 being highly unlikely and 10 being most likely.

2. What kind of safety regulations are you expecting at your next event?
This all-important question will dictate the future of the events industry until the time a vaccine is made available. List down the most relevant options for hygiene and safety which you and your venue owner can accommodate.

3. What do you think should be a mandate at the next live concert?
Push a little harder on that they exactly want. Once you get the survey results, you can accurately place a benchmark on that one particular rule or regulation that will be mandatory at your next event.

4. Which kind of events are you more likely to attend?
Give them a mix of outdoor and indoor options for those events that you have in mind. This solves another problem of having to decide on your own regarding what would be the best bet when it comes to organizing your next event.

5. Would you attend the event venue if…?
Broaden your survey insights with this question. Maybe they want a discount, or a free safety gear, or maybe a fully sanitized venue. These answers should best reflect what you or your venue owner can accommodate by keeping your cash flow in mind.

We hope these survey questions help you get started for collecting useful insights that will help you strategize better. For those looking to manage their cash flow better, can use our recovery offer to stabilize event investment.

With most regulations easing off around the world, organizing your upcoming events while adhering to the highest standards of safety seems easier. Our recovery offer is part of our unwavering support in helping every entity to spring back in action and bring the event community back on its feet, collectively.