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  • 4 years ago
Setting Up Access Codes For Events
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Organizing an invite-only event? Our Access Code feature helps you maintain exclusivity by giving limited access only to a chosen few attendees. Just enable the Access Code setting while creating your event and only those invitees with your access code will be able to purchase tickets to your exclusive event.

Steps to Set up Access Codes for your Events
Edit Existing Event
Create New Access Code
Select Access Code Options
1. Edit Existing Event
You will have to edit an existing event to set the Access Code for an Event.
2. Create New Access Code
After clicking on ‘Edit’, click on ‘Pricing’ and then click on the ‘Access Code’ tab. There you can set the new access code by clicking the ‘ New Access code ‘ button.Create Access Code
3. Select Access Code Options
You can choose between a General Access Code or Single-use Access code depending on the nature of your event.

General Access Code – Create an access code through which your ticket buyers will be able to purchase tickets through the Online Ticket Store only after entering that code.
Single-Use Access Code – Here you create the prefix of the code and enter the number of codes that need to be generated. After downloading the codes, you can provide that code to your ticket buyer for booking tickets.