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Athletic Greens Review with Kiteboard World Record Holder Tammy Camp

Athletic Greens
Kiteboarding champion Tammy Camp reviews Athletic Greens. Tammy Camp discusses the key benefits of using her favorite health supplement Athletic Greens superfood and explains how Athletic Greens gives her the energy she needs for her busy schedule. Get Athletic Greens here

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Athletic Greens is a green superfood drink proudly manufactured in New Zealand, using a TGA-registered facility with standards far in excess of cGMP and FDA guidelines. It is made clean and green.

Athletic Greens was formulated by research doctorates and nutritionists with a 60 years' combined experimental and clinical experience.

The premise behind Athletic Greens® is simple -

Nutritionally, in order to enjoy optimum health you need to get THREE things right:

Sufficient intake of all the nutrients that your body requires to THRIVE, in a timely manner every day.
Ensure you have the ability to successfully absorb those nutrients
Eliminate intake of things that harm you

If you want to be more healthy and energetic, eating WELL is important. Yet the foundation of all health and performance begins not just with what you eat, but with what nutrients you ABSORB.

Slight deficiencies in even one essential nutrient or your ability to absorb them can have a massive and detrimental impact on energy, performance, quality of life and long-term health at the cellular level.
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