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App-Review: Captain America - The Return of the first Avenger (iOS / Android)

Fabian Sluga
Fabian Sluga
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The Return of the first Avenger is the official game of the current blockbuster-movie. The action title has beend developed by Gameloft and can be downloaded for € 2.69 from the App Store for iOS and Android. However, a permanent internet connection is required for the title.

The first launch of the game takes some time, because The Return of the first Avenger needs to download more data and to make a verification. After that you get to see a little comic-cutscene with text boxes before you can finally control Captain America himself. The title is played in portrait-mode, so you don't have to rotate your device. As Captain America you are the commander of a small agent team, which fights against the evil forces of King Cobra, Puff Adder and Winter Soldier. With tap gestures or a virtual analogstick at the bottom left you move Captain America, your agents will follow you and attack opponents on their own. With a swiping gesture on opponents you let the shield of Captain America fly, with the help of buttons in the right corner of the screen you can attack and use special-forces.

Sometimes a little tactic comes into play when you have to use a sniper from your team for example. The game offers about 100 main mission including boss missions, but the leveldesign is usually quite similar. You fight your way through tube-like structured levels, terminate everything in front of you and try to achieve the mission objectives. With ongoing playing time your team gets more experience and you get new team members. Before each mission, you can arrenge your team members - or you leave the choice to the computer . During the game, you can also recruit new members on a regular base. During the game, you also ge
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