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App Review: Red Bull Racers (iOS / Android)

Fabian Sluga
Fabian Sluga
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Red Bull Racers is a free racing game and the new app from Red Bull Media House. With the Red Bull Kart Fighter-series the energy drink manufacturer has already gained racing game experience, furthermore Red Bull Kart Fighter 3 has also become a really good game. Red Bull Racers differs in several ways from the Kart Fighter series. First, Red Bull Racers is a freemium game, that means you can download and play it for free but you have to live with InApp purchases. On the other hand, Red Bull Racers is not a classic racing game, but a slot racer like Rail Racing by Polarbit which was published a few weeks ago.

Red Bull Racers is a Slot Racer, that means that the whole gameplay reminds of a Carrera track. You race with your vehicle on rail tracks and you simply need to push the accelerate-button. Just like on a real Carrera track you should respect the curves and lift your gas finger so that you don't fly off the track. A small blue bar above your vehicles indicate if you have the right speed for the next curve. The bar will turn red when you are too quick. With another button you can change the rail at the next crossover. You should take advantage of this lane change to choose the inner side of the curves to save time. Or to evade enemies or to push them off the track. But beware, your opponents will do the same with you. The game promises a lot of variety. So you don't only get spectacular tracks with jumps, steep banks and loops - you are also allowed to place yourself in a kart, a rally racer and a Formula 1 car. However, you can not play all classes right at the beginning of the game, you will release them the further you get.

To successfully play Red Bull Racers you should at least reach the
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