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App Review: Little Big Adventure (iOS / Android)

Fabian Sluga
Fabian Sluga
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Little Big Adventure is a new adventure title that is available for iOS and Android for € 3.59. However, new is not totally correct, since the title has already been published in 1994 on the PC and the PlayStation. In some countries the game was called "Relentless: Twinsen 's Adventure". The retro specialists from DotEmu released the game classic for mobile platforms. I played the game 20 years ago on a PC and loved Little Big Adventure. But can Little Big Adventure for mobile live up to the expectations?

In the game, you take control of Twinsen. Twinsen lives on Citadele Island, where the evil dictator Dr. FunFrock punishes the people. Twinsen is a dreamer, and one of those dreams has brought him directly to the psychiatry. Because Twinsen dreamed of the destruction of the planet through Dr. FunFrock. So two goals have already been set: To escape from the Psychiatry and to overthrow the dictator. The control of Twinsen is done by simply tapping on the touch screen. You simply tap in the place where Twinsen shall go. With a double tap you can attack opponents. By holding your finger on Twinsen and pulling it away in a small curve Twinsen jumps. Basically, the controls works pretty well, but it would have been nice if the developers would have given Twinsen a little more intelligence so that he could also run around obstacles. So you must always tap here and there on the screen, so that Twinsen can reach the desired position. This is especially frustrating when you're trying to escape from an enemy.

Graphics and sound have noticeable aged - in 1994 no one thought about retina graphics. So you can see pixels in the game the voice acting sounds compressed. But this hardly disturbs the adventure and
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