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App Review: Loco Motors - Crazy Racing Game (iOS)

Fabian Sluga
Fabian Sluga
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Loco Motors is an unusual mix of a racing game and a physics puzzler that is available for the introductory price of 89 cents for iOS. The title is unusual because you have to assemble your car first before you can race on the track. Loco Motors plays a lot like Bad Piggies. In the Rovio game you also drive with self-build-cars through the levels. However, the car-editor in Loco Motors has more to offer than the one in Bad Piggies. In Loco Motor you don't choose predefined components only, furthermore you have to draw your vehicle in a specific area. In this drawn framework you have to build the pilot's cockpit, the fuel-tanks, the tires and the engines. Throughout the game you will receive new upgrades and customization options. When assembling the parts you should take into account how the level is build. On some routes you will need a flat car to fit under obstacles. On other tracks you have to use off-road tires due to the humped underground, while on other levels a second motor or a further fuel tank is required. Each level is presented to you in a preview. However, you can also change back to the editor every time during your run, if you recognize that your vehicle is not working. During the levels you don't control your vehicles directly, but you catapult it with a spring into the level. Depending on how far you pull this spring, the more speed your car will gain at the beginning of the level. In each level there you have to reach different medals. In any case you have to win the bronze medal, so that you can go on to the next lect. There are 50 levels in Loco Motors, but more content shall follow as a free update.

My conclusion:
Loco motor is a entertaining mix of a racing game and a phy
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