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Diversion of humanitarian aids in Tindouf camps by Polisario Front leaders - Part 2/6

Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad
il y a 7 ans|249 vues
A poignant story about the diversion of humanitarian aids destined to Tindouf camps' inhabitants on the Algerian soil. After 36 years of sufferings, these people should return back to their motherland, the Western Sahara Territory instead of getting resigned in the camps. They can't express their opposition to Polisario Front leaders. When they do, they are deprived of their daily food and water. Besides, they have never been registred by the UNHCR despite the continuous calls of the international community since 1976. Algeria has been blocking the census process to keep the vagueness on the right figures. As requested by the UN, the UNHCR should ask the inhabitants of Tindouf camps if they want to stay more in the camps or to return back to Morocco or to go to another country till the end of this absurd conflict facing Morocco to Algeria since the cold war! SUPPORT THE ORGANISATION OF A FREE CENSUS IN TINDOUF CAMPS BY THE UNHCR.

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