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Algeria role in the Western Sahara Territory issue - Africa Last Calumny

il y a 5 ans753 views

This video shows clearly the role of the Algerian army in the conflict over the Western Sahara Territory. Polisario Front militias were supervised and controlled by Algerian officers. From 1976 till 1991, the Moroccan army had to deal with fierce attacks from the Algerian army. The latter had the most sophisticated weapons of that time made by the USSR. The Moroccan army had the good idea to build a wall of sand to protect the Western Saharawi in order to stop algerian ground attacks. The Western Saharawi were thus definitely protected from kidnapping, torture and killing. All those who refused to ride in the algerian military vehicles to go to Tindouf camps/gulags were tortured or killed. Algeria had to populate Tindouf camp/gulags to justify the state claim at the UN level.
Algeria has to stop encirclement of Tindouf camps/gulags inhabitants. Algeria must let the UNHCR make the population census requested by the UNHCR since 1976. People living in Tindouf gulags/camps must be registred.

God save those supporting autonomy in Tindouf camps/gulags
God save the Western Saharawi
God bless you all

More to read on CORCAS websites. CORCAS is the Western Saharawi Community.

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Algeria role in the Western Sahara Territory issue - Africa Last Calumny
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