How counterfeit Rolexes are produced and distributed, according to an investigator

  • last month
Rob Holmes is a private investigator. He works with major luxury-watch brands to track down fakes and stop them from getting to market.

Holmes speaks with Business Insider about how counterfeits are made in factories overseas. He gives details about how fake luxury goods are trafficked into the United States and distributed to consumers, tells us how the counterfeit industry has evolved with the rise of a new generation of "superfakes," and gives advice about how to spot a counterfeit. He also examines a genuine Rolex and gives tips on how to spot a genuine watch.

Holmes began investigating counterfeits during his childhood: His father, Rob Sr., was a renowned counterfeit investigator in New York in the 1980s. Holmes describes his dad's encounters with Chinatown gangs and tells Business Insider how he and his brother are carrying on their father's legacy through their investigations business, MI:33.

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