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A Special Conversation with Cometan | Season 2 Episode 4 | Cometan & The First Vicinal Assembly

This First Vicinal Assembly brings together minds from across the world to discuss spirituality, religion and humanity's exploration of outer space with Cometan asserting his regard for the importance of unity among cosmocentric thinkers, the universal adoption of the terms Astronism and Astronist, and he also introduces the concepts of vicinalism and 'coming into vicinality' with the Astronist Institution.

Part of the First Vicinal Assembly were attendees (in speaking order):
1. Adriano Autino
2. Giulio Prisco
3. Paul Ziolo
4. Tsvi Bisk
5. Cometan
6. Steven Wolfe
7. Alberto Cavallo

Thank you for watching Episode 4 of Season 2 of A Conversation with Cometan. Stay tuned for Episode 5, a Cometanic lecture titled Astral Mysticism & The Journey to Astrosis. Coming Soon!

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