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2 months ago

A Conversation with Cometan | Season 3 Episode 21 | Astronism: Combining Astronomy and Spirituality

One of the main themes of the Astronist religion is the role that traditional spirituality plays in Astronist beliefs and practices; this intersection has since created an Astronist form of spirituality aptly named astrospirituality. In the lecture, Cometan explains that Astronism is the manifestation of the combination of astronomy and spirituality as based on the Astronist belief in the role that the astronomical world (i.e. outer space and all extraterrestrial phenomena) plays in both personal and collective human existence from the meaning of life derived from astronomical phenomena for the individual person to the collective futurism of the human species as a whole. A further manifestation of the combination of astronomy and spirituality is that outer space is believed to be imbued with spiritual essence as based on belief in transtellation (the soul transmigrates to the stars upon death) which holds numerous theological, eschatological and soteriological implications. Cometan ultimately explores how his experience of astral ecstasy and afflation from the age of fifteen developed his own understanding of astrospirituality which then constituted the natural progression of his spiritual life as an Astronist.

Thank you for watching Episode 21, the penultimate episode of Season 3 of A Conversation with Cometan. Stay tuned for the final episode of Season 3 which is Episode 22 coming Monday 27th June.

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