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2 months ago

A Conversation with Cometan | Season 3 Episode 19 | Precursors to the Astrodoxy

The Astronist Statement and Astronism: the religion of the stars are two publications that Cometan has written during the Astrodoxical era so far and during this sit-down talk, he wanted to give viewers a preview of both summaries. In these precursors to the new upcoming Astronist treatise called the Astrodoxy, Cometan explains Astronist philosophy and religion in a new way with updated terms and newly developed concepts. Both of these texts act as short manifestos for Astronism as they explain in both technical and non-technical ways the underlying concepts, themes and beliefs of the Astronist philosophy and religion. Both of these new works provide audiences with a taste of what is to come in the Astrodoxy and also demonstrate how Astronism is evolving before our very eyes into a refreshing and fully-fledged, comprehensive belief system.

Thank you for watching Episode 19 of Season 3 of A Conversation with Cometan. Stay tuned for Episode 20 coming Monday 13th June.

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