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A Conversation with Cometan & Andrew Copson | Season 3 Episode 17 | Astronism vs. Humanism

Astronism founder Cometan and Chief Executive of Humanists UK Andrew Copson sit down for an hour-long conversation to see to what extent their views on topics such as the meaning of life, individualism, hedonism, worldview, religion, agnosticism, and moral relativism are compatible with each other. Cometan comes at the conversation from his Astronist perspective while Andrew comes from his humanist perspective which makes for a very interesting discussion on these topics of interest to both individuals. Cometan also manages to speak on his own cosmocentric Astronist views on the central importance of space exploration as the key to human life purpose and salvation (transcension) while Andrew gives his views on the existence on alien life and how this might impact his anthropocentric worldview. In the figures of Cometan and Andrew, Astronism and humanism respectively collide which makes for an interesting new dynamic in the contemporary philosophical discourse.

Thank you for watching Episode 17 of Season 3 of A Conversation with Cometan. Stay tuned for Episode 18 coming Monday 30th May.

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