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3 months ago

A Conversation with Cometan | Season 3 Episode 18 | Coming into Vicinality with the Institution

The issue of unity among the space religions has been a topic of debate for some time now in Astronist circles. In this lecture, Cometan outlines what "coming into vicinality" -- or in other terms, coming into communion -- with the Astronist Institution really entails. Astronism's founder explores the theory behind a group's status of vicinality and what it means for an Astronist denomination to become Institutionalised. Cometan explains all this with the hope that transparency is achieved on the issue of vicinality, that clarity is brought about on the theory of vicinalism, and that, ultimately, Astronists unite with other like-minded religious groups such as the cosmists, astronautic humanists, the transhumanists, the followers of Terasem and the Turing Church, and all astrotheists around the world to form an overarching, universal Astronist religious and philosophical identity. Of course, this is the core ideal of Cometan's principle of vicinalism and is the prime function of the process of vicinalisation -- to bring like-minded cosmocentrists under the banner of Astronism but this is a grand task certainly not easy to complete.

Thank you for watching Episode 18 of Season 3 of A Conversation with Cometan. Stay tuned for Episode 19 coming Monday 6th June.

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