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Meet Ofir Ventura

Ofir Ventura
Ofir Ventura is a Nevada-based attorney with years of experience in law and other industries. He is a passionate businessman who is interested in expanding his horizons and finding new opportunities to take hold of, always seeking to venture into new and interesting markets. He is also an experienced professional in commercial real estate, having been interested in the industry for years before he entered the market.

Ofir Ventura has made a name for himself in the legal industry, specializing in several different areas of law. He is most passionate about sports contracts and writes contracts for MMA fights. MMA is one of his favorite pastimes, so he enjoys being able to act as an agent for these contracts. Ofir is also experienced in class action lawsuits, personal injury law, and real estate law; each of these fields provides unique challenges that allow Ofir to think critically.

In the business world, Ofir Ventura is the owner of several different companies in the food and beverage industry. He also owns businesses in the real estate industry and financial services industry, in addition to several poker rooms. Ofir enjoys dipping his foot into different markets, letting each of them inspire his innovative mind and keep him thinking at full speed.

He is particularly interested in commercial real estate. Ofir Ventura is aware of how quickly the real estate industry changes, and with the major pivot the commercial market has recently taken, he looks forward to seeing where the industry will go next. Ofir is curious about the new types of commercial properties that will rise up thanks to the field’s dynamic changes.

Outside of his professional career, Ofir Ventura is a kind and caring man who enjoys helping others when possible. He often works with Las Vegas-based charities and often sits on the board for a few of them. Ofir uses his business expertise to guide the charities he helps toward success, and he hopes to continue helping those in need with his own knowledge and skillset.

The work isn’t easy, so Ofir wishes to try and make the challenges charities face a little easier by helping them when possible. He plans to give back to his community more often and find new opportunities to get involved.