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Old Public Toilets Are Some of England's Hippest Bars

Food and Wine
Food and Wine
Plenty has changed since the Britain's Victorian era ended at the turn of the 20th century.For one, the world has Starbucks now, so finding a toilet is a good bit easier than it was 150 years ago.But in 1800s England, making a place for Brits to do their business was a priority, and lavatories were built underground.However, secluded restrooms attract unsavory behavior, so most of the oldVictorian public toilets are closed now.But a handful of these Victorian structures have found a second life as trendy, underground bars.Following the success of its first bar, the now-plural WC Bars has announced plans to open its second location next month.Both bars make great use of thelovingly restored and remodeled underground toilet space.We've worked hard to create a welcoming place in an unexpected and unique space. No pretenses, no egos, just an honest offering with honest prices. We're all about everyone having a good time in a laidback, simple environment, Jayke Mangion,Cofounder
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