Hiyanet Sarmali - Bölüm 5

  • hace 4 años
How is it that the world can be white in a world where colors easily lose their purity? Who can destroy a family if it is not destroyed by poverty and difficulties?

Is it possible to spread a united family as if it were the pieces of a pearl necklace?

Can three brothers forget the pain they suffered, the sadness of separation, the continuous crying and each one taking his course with hope? They will be reborn from the ashes and everyone will pay their debts.

This is a war game where only the strong play and where the weak have no right to survive. And as in all wars, those who caused them will be condemned. Fate plays a terrible joke on three brothers: Ferhat, Ayaz, and Beyaz.

The three brothers live in a village humbly but with a great future. The father has achieved a better job in another town where there will be more opportunities for his family. Ferhat is the eldest son and the pride of the family. Ayaz is the brother in the middle and admires his brother but is more attached to his younger sister, Beyaz. One day, the father of the boys meets an old friend Haldum who arrives to do important work for a colonel. Ferhat accompanies his father to make a delivery and to the surprise of both, they are taken to ruins where Ferhat witnesses the murder of his father. The owners of the merchandise look for Ferhat's father and decide to look for his family to collect them. Ferhat along with his brothers and his mother flee the town. In a train station, Ferhat realizes that they are being followed and everyone separates. Ayaz and Beyas together with their mother end up in a seedy motel and because of a gas leak, their mother dies. Beyaz is taken to the hospital and is separated from Ayaz.

Ferhat, Ayaz, and Beyaz ... three wounded hearts who have lived in traumas throughout their lives ... What will the reunion be like? In this story that is full of surprises, intrigues, love and pain where each chapter will be a new adventure. They will suffer, they will be happy but they will never stop to fight against those people who stole their lives, their parents and their childhood. Now each with a life, with a family, they will have to choose between blood loyalty or those who welcomed them when the three touched bottom. How will Ferhat and Beyaz take to see that his brother is the right arm and the one who does the dirty work of the accomplice of the murderer of the father of the three? How will Beyaz and Ayaz take the idea of ​​seeing Ferhat working for the murderer of the father of the three? Worse still, can Ayaz and Canan live their love when they discover that tragedy and revenge will separate them and face each other? A telenovela that brings the question: Is the blood thicker than water?