Yetim Gönüller - Bölüm 3

  • hace 4 años
"Yetim Gönüller" is the most painful and tragic story of all time ... "Orphan Hearts", the journey of Kerem and Asya; tells the story of Kerem, a man who grew up without love and became the slave of his hatred, bitterness and arrogance. On the other hand, Asya is an orphan whose parents were murdered and she had to live in an orphanage.

The journey begins when Asya's suffering decides to soften Kerem's heart and like a work of lace, the embroidery will use the threads of determination, resolve, and patience.

Thanks to Asya's presence, Kerem realizes that he is an orphan of love. Upon getting to know her a little more, he realizes that he has been torturing himself all these years and this is how he will begin to fight the hatred and resentment in his heart.

The representation of betrayal and hatred in this series is Kemal, a character that has no limits. He is a tyrant who for his own benefit kills, orders to kill, burns and massacres other people.