3 years ago

Libretro Cores Quick Sneak Peek - ParaLLEl RDP running with 4x resolution upscale! (Vulkan-powered)

Today we are proud to premiere a 11-minute long YouTube video showcasing ParaLLEl RDP running at 4 times the native resolution. Given an input resolution, that means the game is rendering internally at 1024×896.

Now, here comes the good stuff with LLE RDP emulation. Unlike so many HLE renderers, ParaLLEl RDP fully emulates the RCP’s VI Interface. As part of this interface’s postprocessing routines, it automatically applies the equivalent of 8x MSAA (Multi-Sampled Anti-Aliasing) to the image. This means that even though our internal resolution might be 1024×896, this will then be further smoothed out by this aggressive multisampling postprocessing step.