4 years ago

KrazyMonkey - PsyKontrol (Official Video)

Krazy Monkey Music Works
Full video of my first track. Link to the track in all stores: http://raboninco.com/2q5C (shortened link)
http://gestyy.com/w9QTXW (shortened link)

The track called "PsyKontrol" was created at the end of 2019,
however I decided to release it on February of this year. It is available since February 14 for download on various music streaming services, such as Shazam, Spotify, among others.

The track is also available on Bandicamp:
http://morebatet.com/jW4 (shortened link)
http://gestyy.com/w9QTcW (shortened link)

My portfolio on Shutterstock:
http://morebatet.com/k1c (shortened link)
http://gestyy.com/w9nvr5 (shortened link)

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