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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Lifted From Wheelchair To Score First Basket

A boy with cerebral palsy was able to make his dream of scoring a basketball shot come true, thanks to his friends and teachers lifting him out of his wheelchair and up toward the net. Tristan Garcia, 14, had always wanted to make a shot on a full-sized court, but because of his condition he’d never been able to throw the ball powerfully enough to reach the hoop. But on May 23 staff and friends at Harris Middle School in San Antonio, Texas, decided it was time to change that, as they brought a stunned Tristan out onto the school’s court with all eyes watching. With a crowd of people chanting Tristan’s name, the student missed the first few shots from in his chair - and so kind volunteers decided to step in to offer a helping hand. In the heartwarming footage, Tristan was hoisted into the air and able to make a successful shot on his second attempt, causing the gym to erupt into cheers. According to Tristan’s mother Veronica Romayor, the moment came about thanks to the help of Tristan’s teacher, Ms. Castillo, who knew of the youngster’s love of basketball and dream of making a shot on a full-size court. Knowing there was a “Teachers vs. Students” game to round off the school year, Ms. Castillo thought it would be the perfect time to work with the school’s staff on a surprise and allow Tristan to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Kobe Bryant.
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