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Tune into Red Bull TV for Live BTS of Cirque Du Soleil's VOLTA Show! | Video 1
(via Cirque Du Soleil is back at it, pushing the limits of human strength, teamwork and precision with it's new show aptly entitled, “VOLTA”. Blending the spectacle of the circus with the amped-up adrenaline that comes with action sports, VOLTA pays homage to the free spirit that we all inherently possess but sometimes gets subdued by everyday life. And since the show is curated by Cirque Du Soleil, you can be certain they source the best in the business to help coach the real-life superheroes of the stage past their extreme limits to newfound territory. Red Bull, enter stage left.

Yeah, you heard it right.. Red Bull athletes from disciplines like slack-lining, BMX, trial biking and more have co-signed this insane venture to shed well-deserved light on action sports while maintaining the identity of Cirque Du Soleil. The process wasn't easy, but the payoff is totally worth it. Precise execution, paired with a killer stage presence has earned the VOLTA show & it's performers the top nods from fans around the world as the show to see this year. And better yet, if you tune into Red Bull TV on September 29th at 5:00 PM EDT, you will get an exclusive look “Inside the Big Top”.
This behind-the-curtain experience dives into the essence of VOLTA as they ramp up their presence in Toronto. You can view the transformative trailer here. 

We did our own little BTS while in Ontario to get the scoop on several artists who currently call Cirque Du Soleil their home away from home. Meet Rikki Carman and Trevor Bodogh, who specialize in parkour and trial biking, respectively. Tune in, as they recount their moments with Cirque Du Soleil x VOLTA. As a bonus, we got to kick it with Kenny Belaey (pro trial bike rider) to learn about how he and Trevor collaborated on the all-new dynamic stage that only VOLTA holds.

Much love to Dre Wisdom for his stupidDOPE tracks.
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