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6 years ago

2015 NYC Halloween Celebration

As a family, we continued our annual tradition of distributing Halloween candies to each trick-or-treater we saw. Lots of time was dedicated to preparing for the day. Our house was decorated with ghouls, pumpkins, and other creepy animals and insects. We filled Halloween themed treat bags for children of all ages, and were prepared for anyone who rang the doorbell.

Each family member got into character with their costumes and props. My parents were witches, Kris was a wizard, I was a black cat, and Trisha was a squirrel. We attracted more trick-or-treaters with the use of costumes – we even had a few dogs in costumes stop by for some treats.

As the night wore on, we contributed to a BBQ; keeping each dish Halloween themed. Each dish was a hit, but the different shaped pasta stole the spotlight. The meal was concluded with a slice of Entenmann’s cranberry orange loaf cake.

Later in the night, Trisha and I attended a Halloween themed party, and made sure to have a blast. Seeing every New Yorker dressed as different characters was a sight to see. There were lots of people dressed as unusual characters, but it was a great experience. We even saw a few famous vloggers at the party.

It goes without saying that we had a successful Halloween, but I'd like thank everyone who took part of our celebration!

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